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Online Photography course - learn at your own pace

We've taken the most important elements of our one to one photography tuition and developed a range of online courses that you can work through at your own pace.

Hosted by the international educational specialist, Udemy.com, our online photography training means you can access our decades of professional photographic knowledge at a lower price, and without having to visit our York studio.

Our first online course is available now...

Take Control of Your Camera

Designed for novice photographers who are using their camera's 'automatic' settings and are ready to progress to full manual control. This course covers shutter settings, apertures, ISO, white balance, file types and lens choice. You'll gain a much greater understanding of exposure and the skills to override your camera's automatic settings to improve your images.
Take Control of Your Camera - more details....

We're also creating an online community of photographers who want to learn from each other after enrolling for our training - so you'll always be able to ask a question if you're unsure of something in the course. Join the community and learn how to improve your photography here...

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Photography Training

Online and Individual Photographic Training Courses

from Amateur to Professional level training...

Our training caters for complete beginners through to professionals who want to improve and apply for photographic qualifications.
With online courses and one to one photographic tuition in our York studio, we can help you improve your photography:

+ Amateurs welcome
+ Fellowship level training for professionals
+ Beginners course for new camera owners
+ Get the most from your digital camera/DSLR
+ Individual training & Group sessions for organisations
+ Digital photo processing & editing tuition

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